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Become a Member of the World's Largest Dairy Breed Association

The National Junior Holstein Association is a dynamic organization for youth under the age of 21, with over 8,000 active members in 48 states. Members have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, all aimed at helping youth increase their knowledge of the dairy industry, strengthen self-confidence, and build leadership skills, preparing them for the future.

Becoming a member is easy - simply call 800.952.5200, or print and fill out the form available here on the website. Membership dues are a one-time $20 fee, that is good until the member reaches 21 years of age.

Why should YOU join?

Meet new people

Being a member of an organization of this size provides youth many opportunities to meet people their age that share the same interests as they do.

Junior Membership Application

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application in pdf format

  • State Associations: Many states have very active junior associations that hold various activities such as judging and showing workshops, conventions, and state contests.
  • National Junior Holstein Convention: Over 500 junior members come together annually for this event, which is held in a different state each year.
Receive recognition for hard work
The Junior Holstein Association has several programs that allow youth to receive recognition for the work they do in developing their Holstein cattle.

  • National Junior Holstein Shows
  • Judi Collinsworth Outstanding Junior Exhibitor Memorial Award: Award given to a Junior exhibitor at each of the National shows. It is intended to recognize exhibitors for their efforts and interests in all aspects of the dairy industry.
  • Young Breeder Awards: Several awards are available for Juniors that breed and develop animals that excel in type and production
  • Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM) and Distinguished Junior Member (DJM): Awards that recognize outstanding youth for their achievements throughout the course of their Junior Holstein work. This is the highest honor given to Junior Holstein members.
Build knowledge of the dairy industry
Several competitions are held at the state and national level that allow youth to build and demonstrate their knowledge of the dairy industry

  • Dairy Bowl
  • Dairy Jeopardy
  • Prepared Public Speaking
  • Folding Display
Prepare for the future
The Junior Holstein Association helps prepare youth for a successful future.
  • Scholarships: The National Holstein Women's Scholarship Organization offers multiple scholarships to college-age Junior Holstein members
Junior Advisory Committee

The JAC is the governing body of the Junior Association and is made up of twelve members. The purpose of the committee is to serve as a sounding board for Junior members and advisors. They oversee the organization's activities and are elected by the membership at the National Junior Forum for two year terms. The experience of serving on the JAC helps Juniors learn about running an organization while strengthening leadership skills. Committee members represent various areas of the country and are given the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement and expansion of Junior programs.  Their suggestions are presented to the Board of Directors.

pdf JAC Application Form and Fact Sheet
pdf Adult Junior Advisory Committee Nominee Form

Youth Members

Adult Members

  Area I:
Sarah Thomas (Term Expires 2019)
North Carolina
Email Sarah
  Area I:
Jennifer Boop (Term Expires 2018)
Email Jennifer

  Area II:
Cady McGehee (Term Expires 2018)
Email Cady

  Area II:
Chris Holcomb (Term Expires 2020)
Email Chris

  Area III:
Danielle Warmka (Term Expires 2019)
Email Danielle
  Area III:
Aaron Mitchell (Term Expires 2020)
Email Aaron
  Area IV:
Alex Gambonini (Term Expires 2018)
Email Alex
  Area IV:
Cathy Boisseranc (Term Expires 2020)
Email Cathy

Rachel Demmer (Term Expires 2018)
Email Rachel

Zach Schilter (Term Expires 2019)
Email Zach
Facilitator and Holstein Director:
Benjamin Newberry

Staff Liaison:
Kelli F. Dunklee
1 Holstein Place
Brattleboro, VT 05302-0816
Email Kelli

State Junior Holstein Associations

Many states have very active Junior Holstein Associations. They are a great way for you to meet new people around your state, improve your skills, and learn more about all of the competitions and opportunities that are available for Junior Holstein members.

California Junior Holstein Association

Illinois Junior Holstein Association

Iowa Junior Holstein Association

Maryland Junior Holstein Association

Minnesota Junior Holstein Association

Missouri Junior Holstein Association

New England States Junior Holstein Association

New York Junior Holstein Association

Ohio Junior Holstein Association

Oregon Junior Holstein Association

Pennsylvania Junior Holstein Association

Virginia Junior Holstein Association

Washington Junior Holstein Association

Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association