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Char-Land registered cows
for sale
150 registered cows for sale. 70 years in registered business. 110 plus cows in 1st and 2nd lactation. Lots of very good and good plus scored cows. DHIA tested 68 pound tank average, 250,000 SSC with 4% fat. Cows are out of Gabor, Guthrie, Braxton, Man-O-Man, Mizzou, Sterling, Bradnick, Aikman and all are AI bred to Montross, Supersire, Dragonheart, Corvette, Jacoby, and Lucky PP. Cows are in freestalls and fed TMR in outside bunks with slant bars. Also have 15 heifers due in June that are all AI bred. Located 40 miles south of Kansas City, MO.
Call Jay at 816-258-3353.

For Sale:
Bred Heifers:
Da-Don Sid Becky "Sid x EX-92 Talent," due 6/24 to Black Onyx
Da-Don Baltimore Amber due 6/24/18 to Black Onyx
Da-Don Awesome Dingo dam VG-87-then 6 gen EX, due 6/24/18 to Red Cloud
Da-Don Fever Elenor GP-83 first calf, fresh 3/1/18 75#/day scc23, dam GP-81, GrDam EX
Da-Don Explode Dynamite, VG-86 @3-9, dam Rainyridge Dundee EX-93 2E, GrDam EX-92,fresh 11/22/17, bred 3/21 Black Onyx.
Wiese-Morning Exhaust Abby 143592916, VG-88, fresh 3/10/18, 89#/day first test, dam EX-91,GrDam VG-86.
Call Dave Joos for details -
320-392-5141 (barn office)       320-392-5264 (house)

John Holmgren, Motley, MN:
Due to retirement, I am selling my herd of 14 cows and 6 bred heifers. Popular breeding - Doorman, Atwood, Golden Dreams. All top pedigrees and all bred to popular sires - Doorman, Bemer, sexed Solomon. 10 cows are scored excellent, as high as 94 points. BAA 115. Heifers all bred to sexed semen - Solomon and Crush. Heifers sired by Golden Dreams and Archrival. Selling cows as unit and heifers as unit.
Call 701-212-2311

For Sale: First Lactation Registered Holstein
VDS Farms, Fulton, MI


Milking: +80 LB

Call Ionel at 269-341-0473

Frey-View registered cows
for sale

150 registered cows for sale. Majority of the cows in their 1st or 2nd lactation. DHIA, AI breeding and been in Registered Holstein business for 48 years. Many Very Good and Good Plus scored cows in the herd. Some of the cows' sires include: Atwood, Gold Chip, Dempsey, Braxton, Super Sire, Mizzou, Lavanguard and Sid. Service sires include Kingboy, McCutchen, Montross, Crush, Pat-Red and Beemer. Cows are housed in a freestall barn and milked in a parlor. Also, will have some heifers due to calve by this Fall, some bred to sexed semen. Northeast South Dakota.
Call Mike at 605-715-8223

For Sale: Rosy-Lane Holsteins Registered Holstein heifers
About 10 heifers a month for next four months (April - July) and beyond. NM$ ranges from $450 to $550. GTPI averages more than 2100, Ages: 5 months pregnant to calving. Many are genomic tested. Some bred to sexed semen, some to calving-ease Angus bulls; Our bulk tank tests mycoplasma-free and staph aureus-free. Negative for BVD Type 2; Johne's vaccinated.
Visit our farm Facebook.
Call 920-988-6482.

100% Registered Herd for Sale in Wisconsin
Due to Health issues a whole herd is for sale.
Jeff Williams, Browntown, Wisconsin has a 100% Registered herd for sale.
HERD STATS: 62 milking, 9 dry cows, 86 young stock
RHA: 25,500 2X SCC under 200
Cows sired by Guthrie, Dempsey, Bradnick and Diamondback. Service Sires and heifer sires by Wilson, Beemer and Diamondback
This is a very good herd of cows that needs to find a good home quickly due to the owner's health concerns. For info or questions call Regional Sales Representative, Chris Lyons at 920-723-2406.

GDR Holsteins
Outlook, WA
Embryos for all budgets and get the only conventional AltaNitro embryos available.
Call 509-831-5656
or visit our website.


Cal Poly Classic Sale - June 2nd
Join us on the beautiful Central Coast in San Luis Obispo, California for the Cal Poly Classic Sale on June 2nd, 11 am at the Cal Poly Dairy. 40 registered Holsteins and Jerseys sell from top herds including show prospects and genomic lots. Sale will be on Visit Cal Poly Classic Sale on Facebook for sale updates. View the sale catalog here.
Contact sale chairs
Matt Ruby (559) 471-9792 and
Caitlin Lopes (209) 829-9677
for information.

The Costa View Legacy
(Jo-Costa Holsteins)

Selling approximately 100 high type and high genomic animals from sires like: Doorman, Goldwyn, Solomon, Lotus, Avalanche, Jacot, Modesty, Jedi, Bandares, Bombero, Fortune and Rubicon. Roughly 20% of the animals selling are RED. Sale Date: May 12, 2018. Sale Location: Turlock Livestock Auction Yard (10430 Lander Ave, Turlock CA 95380). Sale Time: 11AM. COWBUYER WILL BE PRESENT AT SALE. ALL TRANSFERS WILL BE PROCESSED WITHIN 30 DAYS. Catalog is now available on