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Char-Land registered cows
for sale
150 registered cows for sale. 70 years in registered business. 110 plus cows in 1st and 2nd lactation. Lots of very good and good plus scored cows. DHIA tested 68 pound tank average, 250,000 SSC with 4% fat. Cows are out of Gabor, Guthrie, Braxton, Man-O-Man, Mizzou, Sterling, Bradnick, Aikman and all are AI bred to Montross, Supersire, Dragonheart, Corvette, Jacoby, and Lucky PP. Cows are in freestalls and fed TMR in outside bunks with slant bars. Also have 15 heifers due in June that are all AI bred. Located 40 miles south of Kansas City, MO.
Call Jay at 816-258-3353.

Summer Milk
Norwood, MN

Nine genomic tested heifers due from June to early August. Well grown with wide rumps, deep open rib and good udder promise. 8 of nine will calve by 2-0. Sires include Silver, Monterey, Josuper, Aftershock and Whiskey AI Service sires include Silver, Monterey Mogul, Aftershock, and Sterling Most with dams and/or grand dams over 100lbs of fat and 28,000 milk.
Contact Leonard Hoen, Jr,

For Sale: Outstanding Heifers Ransom-Rail Farms, Perry, NY
We have 150 Registered Holstein Heifers for sale. They are bred to top GTPI bulls. Also have 70 short bred heifers and 650 that are birth to 12 months in age.
For inquires
call Peter Dueppengiesser
at 585-704-4725.

Females for sale
Foley, MN

108 Registered Holsteins
plus young stock.
All stages of lactation.
23,700 milk, 860 fat, 743 protein, 234,000 SCC.
Call Mike at 320-248-2070

Frey-View registered cows
for sale

150 registered cows for sale. Majority of the cows in their 1st or 2nd lactation. DHIA, AI breeding and been in Registered Holstein business for 48 years. Many Very Good and Good Plus scored cows in the herd. Some of the cows' sires include: Atwood, Gold Chip, Dempsey, Braxton, Super Sire, Mizzou, Lavanguard and Sid. Service sires include Kingboy, McCutchen, Montross, Crush, Pat-Red and Beemer. Cows are housed in a freestall barn and milked in a parlor. Also, will have some heifers due to calve by this Fall, some bred to sexed semen. Northeast South Dakota.
Call Mike at 605-715-8223

For Sale: 220 Holstein Cows Lancaster, PA
Herd is bred for type using Select Sire bulls, all A.I. sire identified. Rolling Herd Average 21,000 pounds of milk, 3.8%F, 3.1%P, SCC 250,000. All calfhood vaccinated. 18,000/pounds/day, Land-O-Lakes milk base. Also 30 bred heifers due between July through October 2018. Majority of cows in first and second lactation.
Call Lowell Brubaker
at 717-823-8512.

Gem-Cado Holsteins For Sale Mishawaka, IN
50 Registered Holstein cows and
40 heifers for sale.
RHA 24,000m 838f 702 p
50 years Al breeding
6 fresh last 60 days, 10 due to calve next 60 days Sires: Braxton, Sublime, Roland, Shout, Shot, Boastfull, Dolce, Dorcy, Magnatism, Gabor, Mizzou
Call Mark at 574-315-1289.

Plagerland Holsteins
Pearl City, Ill.

120 Registered cows for sale.
VG and Good-Plus. Top sires and genomic young sires.
RHA 26,200 # 925F. DHIA +3 gen pedigrees. 2x 85# tank average. Sand bedded Freestalls. TMR fed. Average age of 3-05.
Northwest Illinois.
Call Mike Plager at 815-291-6922

For Sale: First Lactation Registered Holsteins
VDS Farms, Fulton, MI


Milking: +80 LB

Call Ionel at 269-341-0473

100% Registered Herd for Sale
in Wisconsin

Due to Health issues a
whole herd is for sale.
Jeff Williams, Browntown, Wisconsin has a 100% Registered herd for sale.
HERD STATS: 62 milking, 9 dry cows, 86 young stock
RHA: 25,500 2X SCC under 200
Cows sired by Guthrie, Dempsey, Bradnick and Diamondback. Service Sires and heifer sires by Wilson, Beemer and Diamondback
This is a very good herd of cows that needs to find a good home quickly due to the owner's health concerns.

For info or questions call
Regional Sales Representative,
Chris Lyons at 920-723-2406.

Holstein Dairy Cows
Nashua, Wis.

Exceptional group of approximately 170 tie-stall, Holstein dairy cows. Cows in all stages of lactation.
All top A.I. sires used. Rolling herd average 26,234 pounds of milk, 1,029 fat, and 826 protein.
Daily tank average 90 pounds.
For inquires, contact
Nick at 641-330-8687.


GDR Holsteins
Outlook, WA
Embryos for all budgets and get the only conventional AltaNitro embryos available.
Call 509-831-5656
or visit our website.


Complete Registered Holstein
Herd for Sale
Owego, N.Y.

Complete Registered Holstein,
tie-stall, herd for sale. 70-head of both milking and young stock. Buyer takes all. Closed herd, well vaccinated. 22-year PBR, four-year Progressive Genetics Award.
106.5 BAA (8/17), RHA 24,171, 3.8%F 916 3.0%P 726, SCC 81,000
Maiden-Blush Holsteins
Tom and Janet Zorn
Owego, New York

Stormview Dairy Dispersal Shobonier, IL
September 15, 2018

Registered Holsteins selling include 40 Cows and 55 heifers. Cow sires include Bradnick, McCutchen, Atwood, Shamrock, Crown, and Attorney. Heifers sired by Mogul, Defiant, Montross, Kingboy, Dragonheart, Sterling, Diamondback, and Supersire. Service sires are Yoder, Midnight, Montross, Supershot, Pety,
and Dragonheart.
Herd BAA in June 2018 was 104.6 - including 3 EX, 5 VG, 21 GP
8/1/2018 DHIA test - 70 lbs/cow, 3.9 fat, 3.1 protein, 100 SCC
Sale includes full line of dairy and farm equipment.
For details call,
Andrew Mowen - 217.617.0146 or David Schaffer - 573.356.4317