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Registered Holstein Breeding Bulls

Available Registered Holstein breeding age bulls @ Luck-E-Charm Holsteins

1) genomic tested - including A2A2 results
2) Holstein Complete herd with DHIA records and classification scores on dams
3) award winning low SCC herd
4) R&W and *RC bulls available
5) herd bred for balance, high components, & longevity

Michael Leinbach Barnett, MO


K-Lane Holsteins
Complete Dispersal - May 30, 2019

200 head of Registered Holsteins sell in the complete dispersal of the K-Lane Holsteins. The sale will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 @ 10:30 AM
at the farm.

The herd is on Holstein COMPLETE and has a current BAA of 109.7 and DHIA rolling herd averages of 27,202 lbs milk, 4.5%F 1,233, and 3.0%P 825. Sires used in this herd are a who's who in the Holstein breed. Cows - Dundee, Atwood, Aftershock, Airlift, Fever, Byway, Mogul, Numero Uno. Heifers - Doorman, Solomon, Crush, Defiant, Diamondback, 1st Class, Tatoo. Service sires - Rainy*RC, Historic, TooHot, Hezekiah, Denver, Unix, Jordy-Red, Crush, Aftershock, & Atwood.

Rodger Koehn - 708-878-8518
Rick Koehn - 708-913-7903
Adam Fraley - 570-772-6837
Sale managed by
Fraley Auction Co, Inc - 570-546-6907