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Like the animals themselves, each Registered Holstein® operation is unique. Each family is motivated by their own goals and aspirations. In Holstein America, learn about modern-day dairy production and hear from those with a passion for the Holstein breed of cattle.

Holstein America, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, is an hour-long television program on RFD-TV. Produced by Holstein Association USA, the premiere episode was broadcast in February 2018 and the next episode is scheduled for fall 2018.


Say Cheese:
Crave Brothers Farm

Mark Crave, Crave Brothers Farm LLC, Waterloo, Wis., shares how the family-owned operation at the heart of the dairy state relies on Registered Holsteins® to produce cheese for nationwide distribution.

Science for the Future:
Oakfield Corners Dairy

Jonathan and Alicia Lamb, Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, N.Y., have built their family around their Registered Holstein® herd, where they employ the industry’s latest science and technology to drive progress.

Sweeping Changes:
Brown Dairy

Glen and Michael Brown of Brown Dairy Inc., Coalville, Utah, are experiencing urban encroachment around their family’s dairy operation; however, they remain optimistic about their future thanks to Registered Holsteins®.

Path to Progress:
Terra Linda Dairy

Michael Santos, Terra Linda Dairy, Tulare, Calif., manages the breeding program for their family’s fourth-generation dairy farm, and explains how the Holstein Association’s Start-Up program has added value to their cow herd.

New Generation, New Dreams:
Maple Grove Farm

Andy Birch, Maple Grove Farm, Derby, Vt., says it had been nine years since cows were milked in the barn where he grew up. Now, he and his wife, Sarah, are back on the farm to make a life doing what they love: raising Holstein cattle.

Palm Trees & Holsteins:
Maddox Dairy

Steve Maddox, Maddox Dairy, Riverdale, Calif., remains focused on genetics and continuous herd improvement on his family’s large-scale Holstein operation in California’s central valley.

Return on Investment:
Sugar Creek Dairy

Rick Adams, Sugar Creek Dairy, Elkhorn, Wis., says the opportunity to continue improving the performance of his farm with Registered Holsteins® keeps him optimistic about the future.

Driven to Improve:
Cla-Cor Farms

Dallas Cornelius, Cla-Cor Farms, Easton, Mo., says the hope of a calf being better than its parents is the gratifying feeling that keeps him in the dairy business, and the Holstein COMPLETE® program contributes to that mission.

American Dreams:
Pappy’s Farm

Harry and Lacey Papageorge, Pappy’s Farm LLC, Farr West, Utah, share their family’s inspiring history as Greek immigrants in the United States, living out their American dream while raising Registered Holsteins®.